About CitroExpert

Welcome to CitroExpert - the only independent quality magazine in the world on all Citroens - in Dutch.

Since 1996, we have published a bi-monthly*, 84-100 page glossy magazine containing articles that every Citroen-driver and -enthusiast alike, is eager to read.
As well as the ever popular classic Citroën 2cv, DS and Traction-Avant, CitroExpert also reviews the latest models like the DS-line, sports cars, youngtimers, commercial vehicles, the rear-wheel drive classics, and of course the brand itself plus the people behind it  – illustrated with hitherto unpublished pictures.
Apart from that there are the fixed features on miniatures, books, tourism, clubs & meetings.

For the time being, CitroExpert is only published in Dutch and distributed in The Netherlands and Belgium, but perhaps, one day...?
However, despite the language, we do have world-wide subscribers from Japan to Iceland and from Moscow to San Francisco!

If you would like to subscribe (EU/World: €50/year/4 issues), please send an email with your full name & address to: citroexpert@spabonneeservice.nl

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If you would like to contact the editor or publisher, please click on one of their names below.

best regards,

Wouter Jansen, editor in chief
Fred Jansz, publisher

in 2023: tri-monthly